Data Cloud

The Nxt Data Cloud is a decentralised data storage system.

In addition to keeping a record of Nxt transactions, the blockchain can also be used to store user-defined data. All forms of data can be uploaded to the Nxt blockchain, providing a secure (and, if desired, permanent) method of storing, retrieving and publishing information. Nxt Messaging makes use of this ability to embed data in the blockchain, and the Data Cloud can be seen as an extension of the Messaging system.

One of the most important features of data storage on the blockchain is that the Nxt blockchain is a permanent and immutable record that provides a tamper-proof time stamp. This allows for legal records (such as contracts) to be embedded in the blockchain, with absolute certainty about the time at which they were created.

Nxt Data Cloud screenshot

Use Cases

III. Private Records

IV. Other Semi-Public Records

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