Other features

Authentication System
You can provide cryptographically secure verification data from NXT accounts. This verification allows Nxt users to publicly prove that they are in control of a particular Nxt account.

“Nxt Plugins” is a feature that enables third-party software developers to add functionality to the Nxt client.

Alias system
The Alias System feature of Nxt essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another, so that keywords or keyphrases can be used to represent other things. The Alias System is open-ended, it can be used to implement a decentralized DNS system, shopping cart applications, and more.

Account Ledger
The account ledger feature in the Nxt client allows to see exactly how your Nxt account is doing: all balances and transactions are displayed in an easy to read format, similar to a bank statement.

Account Properties
Account properties gives Nxt users the ability to permanently ‘tag’ any Nxt account with a small amount of data. These properties tags can be used to provide meta-information about an account: for example. a seller can tag buyer accounts that he has sold to in the past.

Account Ledger in Nxt

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