Why use Nxt?

Nxt is a natural evolution of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin pioneered the creation of crypto-currency and even now, 6 years later, most blockchain systems either rely on Bitcoin itself or incorporate relatively minor changes in order to improve it in a handful of limited ways.

Freedom with Nxt

Nxt is different. Nxt is a platform that allows you to create your applications directly on its blockchain. It is simple and easy. Whether you are an enthousiast, a professional with a company or a developer: Nxt vastly simplifies using blockchain technology.

Nxt is a simple, sustainable and versatile platform that directly benefits everyone.

This is what Nxt means for:


Nxt is simple. Whether it is sending NXT to a friend, or trading assets you own via our client, everything is simply a matter of pushing a few buttons.

Nxt is built with your freedom in mind. Nxt does not force you to use your property or funds as we would like it, it gives you the freedom to be in complete control over what is yours.

Nxt Assets, Currencies and NXT itself can be traded freely, and access to the Nxt system cannot be denied: Nxt is being run on servers all around the globe.

If you want to join the Nxt movement, to be a pioneer of the new decentralised future, you only need to download the Nxt software, install it and go!

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Nxt allows you to tap into the world of decentralised and digital trading by eliminating the need for expensive middle men and services.

With Nxt, you can create your own tokens and currencies, and use them in so many ways: to trade directly on the blockchain via the simple and secure Asset Exchange system, to take your tokens out into the wider financial world, or to use them to raise funds for something that may have nothing to do with finance.

You can create your own digital assets and integrate them into your existing systems, crowdfund your projects and use NXT’s in-built authentication tools. The sky truly is the limit, the range of applications for Nxt within existing businesses or now projects is practically unlimited

Far more than just a financial tool, Nxt offers opportunities for anyone who is doing business in the 21st century
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Nxt offers an extremely easy entry point into blockchain technology. Nxt has a carefully chosen set of modular features which can be used either individually or in combination, allowing you to combine its features into new entitities.

All of this can be done via the comprehensive, easy and well-documented Nxt API. Just run your own node, or use an existing and trusted node to access the blockchain and you can get started, even with minimal coding experience.

No need to depend only on our software, you can create your own. Nxt is an open source project, distrbuted under the GPL v2 license, so anyone is welcome to contribute code to the Nxt project.
Nxt also has an extensive wiki, a helpdesk and dedicated developers who can help you with your queries.

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